How It Works - Holodeck SmartRoom

How It Works

The Holodeck SmartRoom works by combining these 3 features

The Upload Tool

The Upload Tool allows you to manage and publish your SmartRoom for others to see.

What you will need

  • One or more 3D models (.obj)
  • Their associated materials (.mtl) and textures (.jpg, .png)

1. Fill in the SmartRoom information

Give a descriptive name to your SmartRoom.

You can add a link to your website that explains your models in detail.

Choose whether or not you want to publish your SmartRoom to the public for others to view. You can always switch back to private if you ever change your mind.

Upload a thumbnail that will help others know what they're about to visit. A default image will be used if none are uploaded.

2. Select your environment

Choose the environment where your models will be shown.

The available environments are labeled with either Simple, Average or Complex, depending on the number of polygons they hold.

3. Upload your 3D models

Upload the 3D models that you want to show.

Only .obj files are supported for now.

Note that uploading more than 900 MB at once may lead to an upload failure.

Set a name of your model and link its files. For materials, .mtl files are supported, while for textures, we support .jpg and .png.

If your model doesn't appear as expected, you can edit it's transform from here (position, rotation, scale).

4. Place your models in the SmartRoom

Change where and how your 3D models will appear in the SmartRoom.

Set the size of the holodeck (width, height, depth).

Select a model on the left to change its properties. You can also click on the eye icon to show/hide a model.

You can click and drag a property (i.e. X, Y or Z) to change the value gradually. Hold down [Shift] to change it faster, or [Alt] to change it slower.

Note that the Holodeck, position and scale are measured in meters (1 unit = 1 meter), and the rotation is in degrees.

Model Viewer controls:

  • Left mouse: Orbit the camera around the center
  • Right mouse: Pan the camera
  • Scroll wheel: Zoom in and out
  • Double click: Reset the camera to the initial position

Save and Delete

Once you are satisfied with the changes, you can click the [Save] button to upload your SmartRoom.

If you are editing one of your previous SmartRoom, you have the option to [Delete] it.

The Visit Viewer

The Visit Viewer is the application shows the SmartRoom.

Coming soon...

The Live Visit Scheduler

The Live Visit Scheduler makes it possible to plan live visits with other people so you can discuss and experience a SmartRoom together.

Get Started

Head over to the Live Visit Scheduler to access your SmartRoom calendar. From there, you can view your past and upcoming SmartRoom meetings in detail, as well as schedule new ones.

The Calendar

The calendar shows your meetings. The date highlighted in green is the current date. You can change month by clicking on the left and right arrows at the top. The number in the red capsules show the number of meetings there are on that specific day.

The right panel shows information about your meetings. By default, it will show all the upcoming meetings, but if you click on a date, which will be highlighted in blue, it will only display the meetings on that day.

To add a new meeting, click on the button [New Meeting].

Schedule a New Meeting

When clicking on [New Meeting], a new window will appear for you to schedule a live SmartRoom. The date of the event will be the one you select (highlighted in blue). If none are selected, the date will be set to the current day.

There are a few fields to fill in before sending the invitations.

  • Participant: The name and the email of a participant. Click the [+] button when you want to add them to the Invite list.
  • Invite list: The invite list shows all the participants that are invited. You can remove a participant by clicking on the [x] button next to their name, or click the [clear] button to clear the whole list.
  • Time: The time of the meeting.
  • Location to visit: Your SmartRoom. For now, we only allow visits for locations you've created.
  • Visuals: This section is for when you select a 360visit rather than a SmartRoom.
  • Invitation Language: The language of the email that will be sent to the participants.
  • Personal Notes (optional): This is to help you remember certain details about the meeting (e.g. which room the participants want to visit). Only you can view these notes.

When you're ready, click on [Send invitation(s)] and an email will be sent to you and the participants. Note that some email clients will receive the mail in the spam folder. It may be possible that the email doesn't get sent at all for now. If that occurs, you can send them the direct link (see Meeting Details).

Meeting Details

Click on the [Details] button next to an upcoming meeting to view information about that meeting and edit it.

Here are the provided details.

  • Location: The SmartRoom location. You can click on the SmartRoom to preview it.
  • Visit time: The date and time of the visit.
  • Preferred language: The preferred language of the participants.
  • Personal notes: Your notes about the meeting.
  • Spectator Url: The link for spectators to view the visit. You can copy and paste the link to those who wish to spectate the visit with you. Send them the web link if they're viewing on web, and Android if they're viewing on Android.
  • Invite list: The list of participants. You can copy and paste them the Web or Android link if they didn't receive an email from the initial invitation.


Communicate with the other participants directly from our application. Note that participants cannot communicate between the web and the Android application for now (i.e. Someone on Android won't be able to read a message that was sent from the web).

On the Web

On the web, you can communicate with other people by typing in the chat box, located at the bottom of the Visit Viewer.

The different colors in the chat represent different roles.

  • Red: The organizer of the visit
  • Green: The invited participants
  • Black: The spectators

Spectators can click on a participant under the [Other Participants] list to view the perspective of that particular person.

On Android

You can use voice communication when using the Android SmartRoom application. It is recommended to use earphones when communicating so that audio feedback does not occur.