About Us - BMULabs

What is Beam Me Up?

Founded in 2013 by Yan Cyr under the name of Beam Me Up Neuro Vr Labs, our team has been pushing the boundaries of Neuro biofeedback and augmented\virtual reality.

Why is bmulabs.co in good hands

Our team at Beam Me Up is composed of experienced entrepreneurs, designers and developers from specific backgrounds, all very knowledgeable in AI, neuroscience and virtual reality:

Yan Cyr sold his controlling stake in Enzyme, a company of 400 staff company that he founded. On the other hand, Charles Bombardier is a serial entrepreneur, world-renowned engineer and industrial designer.

bmulabs.co is also backed by a team of PhD's,programmers and designers! Our talented team will always be available to assist our customers and can develop new features for the company if needed.

What motivates us?

The short answer: enhancing Human perfomance. All of us are extremely inspired by its promise. Before even thinking of starting a company in Neuroscience and VR, we developed many tools to help and inspire young generations to use this tech with the best possible experience.