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About Beam Me Up Labs

Founded in 2013, our laboratory offers a solid expertise in biometric measurements, coupled with Artificial Intelligence and Biofeedback, as well as a ready to deploy multi-sensorial analytic platform solution integrating an ever-growing number of intelligent assistances agents’ modules.

Specifically, BMU specializes in behavioural and cognitive performance analytic and enhancement integrating neuro- and biometric technologies, artificial intelligence, advanced analytics ready for immersive and augmented reality platforms. These visualisation, sensory, behavioral, cognitive and predictive technologies offer practical platforms and advanced solutions to decision management; command and control; next generation operations centers; integrated learning environment; health and wellness; and training and simulation including wargaming.

We are dedicated to improving your human experience and the cognitive performance of your users, employees or soldiers, targeting to better understand, predict, act and counteract in all situations.

Our solutions include multiusers and collaborative tools, neural & biometric analytic tools, textual and audio video content analytic, A.I assistance & warning, sdk for easily installing with existing simulators or user platforms, as well as a full integration with external peripherals such as haptic gloves, positional tracking and IoT.

As a service provider, we support our solutions and provide related services, adapting them to specific needs, ready to assist at all stages including immersive or augmented tailor fit production and deployment, combining our modules behind the limit of imagination and technology.

We target:

Analyzing, modeling, and predicting user experience and it’s impact on user, in all fields, for improving experiences and developing best A.I assistance solution or human-machine performance.

Analyzing, modeling and predicting cognitive performance and associated tasks interaction, in all fields, for improving cognitive or job performance and developing best A.I assistance solutions or human machine performance.

Better understanding, predicting and counteracting in general.

Our multidisciplinary team is made up of neuroscientists, A.I and software developers, combined with content, experience and performance optimization experts. We work closely with Canadian and international academic research centers such as McGill University, the Université de Montréal and UQAM. The added value of the available solutions relies, among other things, on the reading in Realtime of mental states and emotions generated using a variety of stimuli in a variety of contexts, associated with a A.I platform. Incidentally, Google X selected BMU as one of their few Google Glass partners.

We are currently working with partners in various sectors such as: Canadian Department of National Defense, ICAO, Medical institution such as the Centre Pompidou and the Centre Gériatrique de Montréal, cultural organisations with interests in museum exhibitions and entertainment in general, commercial partners, marketing firms and insurance companies.